Janice March   LMHC-S RPT-S

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor
Qualified Clinical Supervisor

Fee for Services

The work I do in my practice is strictly fee-for-service. I do not accept any insurance at all, and I would like you to understand why.

Typically the decision to seek therapy is made over time, not a sudden impulse. You, the client or the client’s parent, give this decision a great deal of thought and attention. Why then should you turn over the decision of when to END therapy to some insurance company’s pre-determined limit?

It seems to me that the primary participants in the therapeutic relationship, that is the client, parents and therapist, should determine how many sessions of therapy are “enough” and if or when an evaluation for medication is needed. I prefer to listen to the client: I have had a child tell me that he didn’t think he needed to come to therapy anymore, but he knew a kid in his class who needed to come!

Confidentiality issues are another concern in billing insurance. In the fee for service arrangement, neither a formal diagnosis nor any record outside the therapist’s clinical notes need exist, and this record is protected by professional ethics and confidentiality laws. Confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality will be discussed at length during your initial consultation.

So, for all these reasons I provide mental health consultations, counseling, mental health therapy and clinical supervision for a fee, agreed upon before work begins and specified in writing. My fee is $100 per session, although sometimes it is possible for me to provide services at the same rate as an insurance co-pay. And remembering the spirit of community with which Dr. Norman Goldstein served local children, I am open to discussing reduced fees when my circumstances permit.

I do not charge for an initial consultation. In the case of a child client, I prefer to meet first with parents, without children present. This provides an opportunity for you to see the office, to discuss what might be needed, to ask questions about the therapy, and to decide if the way I work will be helpful. I find this parent consultation essential for you to be able to talk freely about factors that may influence the course of therapy, before the first session with the child. An initial consultation with an adult client is equally valuable: to get acquainted and decide if we can do helpful work together. Please call 941-360-0059 or email me to set up an initial consultation at no charge.

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